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CAMS is known as the gold standard in AML certifications by institutes, governments & officials worldwide. CAMS is a recognized international certification that describes the main ideas behind money laundering and how to block it. The ACAMS Certification in Dubai is a highly sought-after program offered by leading training institution, Institute Libertaz Global. Individuals and groups can become certified as anti-money laundering specialists in as little as three months. The CAMS certification provides professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to detect and prevent money laundering activities, ensuring compliance with global AML regulations. Libertaz Global Training Institute offers comprehensive courses to become a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

This advanced CAMS certification training course is specifically designed for professionals seeking to become Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS). The course covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant to the industry and provides participants with practical training and guidance. Through these CAMS classes, participants will learn about identifying and mitigating money laundering risks, implementing compliance strategies, and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. By enrolling in this CAMS course, individuals can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of anti-money laundering.

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Who Should Enroll

The CAMS course is best suited for all professionals working in industries such as banking, money exchange, credit unions, international regulatory bodies, law enforcement, securities, money services, insurance, consulting, auditing, accounting, and law firms, as well as gaming, real estate, jewelry, and precious metals dealers. After successfully completing the course, one may work in the positions listed below.

Eligibility for CAMS Training

Law Enforcement/Intelligence Agents
Internal & External Auditors
Intelligence Officers
Anti-Money Laundering Officers,
Compliance Officers
Government Regulators
Investment Advisors
Real Estate Compliance Specialists
Risk Management Specialists
Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants

CAMS Course Structure 

This course serves as exam preparation for the CAMS exam, and the entire CAMS guide will be studied in detail using a hands-on methodology.

Risk-Based Approach
Controlling Money laundering
International Guidelines, industry standards established by the FATF, BASEL,EGMONT
Risk Indicators, Internal Controls
The Basics of AML/CFT and KYC, and your duties (Regulatory requirements Global, National and Regional)
Customer due deligence
Identify, Verify, SoW-SoF & Monitor
Red Flags, OFAC, UNSC, EU-UKHM Black List/Watch List, False Positives
Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR, SAR, CTR)
Filing, Reviewing, Data Mining
Record Keeping Procedures
Regular, Ad-hoc reporting
Awareness, refresher, updates
Also covers the following topics:
Three Stages in the Money Laundering Cycle.
The Economic and Social Consequences of Money Laundering.
AML/CFT Compliance Programs and Individual Accountability.
Credit Unions and Building Societies.
Non-Bank Financial Institutions
Non-Financial Businesses and Professions.
Risk Associated with New Payment Products and Services.
Corporate Vehicles Used to Facilitate Illicit Finance.
Terrorist Financing
Use of Hawala and Other Informal Value Transfer Systems.
Emerging Risks for Terrorist Financing
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Benefits of ACAMS Certification

Industry Recognition

CAMS certification is widely recognized and respected by organizations around the world. Holding this credential demonstrates your commitment to combating money laundering and upholding the highest ethical standards in the financial sector.

Enhanced Career

CAMS certification enhances your career prospects by opening doors to various roles within AML compliance, risk management, and financial crime prevention. Employers often prioritize candidates with CAMS certification due to its rigorous curriculum and comprehensive coverage of AML practices.

Knowledge Expansion

ACAMS certification equips you with in-depth knowledge of money laundering techniques, AML laws and regulations, risk assessment, and compliance procedures. This knowledge helps you develop effective strategies to detect and prevent illicit financial activities.

Professional Networking

 ACAMS offers a vibrant professional community, allowing CAMS-certified specialists to connect and collaborate with other industry professionals. This network provides access to valuable resources, industry insights, and potential career opportunities.

Looking for best CAMS Certification training courses in Dubai?

Libertaz offers quality training for CAMS certification and jobs. The course covers various topics, including money laundering methods, compliance programs, due diligence, suspicious activity reporting, and regulatory requirements. Enquire now for more !

Libertaz Global: A Trusted CAMS Training Provider in Dubai, UAE

Libertaz Global, based in Dubai, is a reputable training provider that specializes in offering industry-leading courses in the realm of anti-money laundering and compliance. As a trusted partner of ACAMS, Libertaz Global provides high-quality training programs for professionals aspiring to become CAMS certified.

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